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Lee Más Sobre la Góndola

No nos creas solo a nosotros.

LA’s Transit Infrastructure Can Always Get Dumber: Meet the Gondola

Opponents of aerial gondola to Dodger Stadium take over meeting in Chinatown

Here today, gon-dola: The covenants, conditions, and restrictions of Dodger Stadium

Baseball season brings Dodger Stadium Express vs. aerial gondola to fever pitch

A new gondola project faces opposition from some Chinatown residents

The Gentrification Scheme Behind Los Angeles’s “No-Build” Olympics

Money(ball)! / Law Talk Crossover: Funicular Fight, Part 1

Money(ball)! / Law Talk Crossover: Funicular Fight, Part 2

Metro Board Relays Concerns With Gondola Lift to Dodger Stadium

Mayor Garcetti Supports Dodgers Gondola, Disses Project Skeptics Comparing Them To Mitch McConnell

Gondola project sparks gentrification and privacy fears from Chinatown residents

Proposed gondola project meets opposition from residents

A Statement from LA Parks Alliance

This weekend, look up to the heavens: A kite ‘gallery in the sky’ will fly over L.A.

LA Times Print Ad Wednesday, March 30th

Group Seeks to Halt Dodger Stadium Gondola, Calling It a ‘Sweetheart Deal’

Proposed aerial gondola for Dodgers fans ignites controversy at Los Angeles State Historic Park

Does L.A. Really Need a Gondola to Dodger Stadium?

Los Angeles State Historic Park Advocates Have Questions About Proposed Gondola

LA Parks Alliance Sends a Letter to Governor Newsom

The CA Endowment and Homeboy Industries Issue Letter Opposing Project

The community is talking about us too.